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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wine Geeks Adventure through the Applegate

The wine geeks headed out Friday to Troon Vineyards  for a wonderful chat and wine tasting with Christine Collier, Marketing and Events Coordinator and owner/vintner Chris Martin. We were treated to tastings of Troon’s fine wines and found several we particularly liked: The 2009 Druid’s Fluid is very much an approachable, enjoyable table wine; the Meritage we enjoyed immensely and the Reserve Zinfandel was outstanding. We spent quite a bit of time listening to Chris and Christine and their passion for wine and for Troon. Anytime I get a chance to hear from people who do this for a living, it is an event that makes a lasting impression.

But that wasn’t the end of our adventure as we headed out from Troon and arrived at Rosella’s Winerynext. Sandy was serving on Friday and has Rosella’s usual selection of excellent wines.  She treated us to some of her last Cabernet Sauvignons and some of the newer releases.  The 2005 is ready to drink now and is soft, balanced with subtle complexity. I couldn’t live without the 2008 Merlot so I bought several bottles of that.

We had heard there was a new tasting room in Jacksonville behind the Umpqua tasting room, but hadn’t found it. We were certainly stopping by Herb Quady’s Tasting room to get more of Quady’s Starboard port, of which they were out. Oh the horror!, Ted through persistent hounding did determine that the Quady website in California still has stock though.   But we did have a sip of their Silver medal winning Steelhead Vineyard Syrah (from the Oregon Wine Geeks Syrah tasting), as well as Quady North’s Flagship Syrah which can make you week at the knees it is so good. But we did make it to Merrill Cellars new tasting room which is tucked in behind the Umpqua tasting room and sampled some of O. Jay Merrill’s wines in what may be the “smallest tasting room in Jacksonville”.  The Cotes Du Rogue name is worth a stop in of itself!  Merrill Cellarsis now on the OWG website for your perusal.

Thank you again Christine and Chris for your excellent hospitality!

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Posted By: Tim & Ted @ 2:04:13 PM


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