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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A trip around the Rogue

We took a small wine tasting trip around the Rogue valley yesterday, tasting wine with some friends and their out of town guests.
The highlights were, as usual Pebblestone and Folin.
Pebblestone's Viognier remains one of my favorite wines, but today they were sharing their "just in the bottle, no label yet" syrah Rose'.  It was a delightful wine, full bodied and well balanced, I look for this to be an outstanding Rose' and has me thinking we might need a Rose' tasting.

Folin's tasting room was busy, but not crowded, Steve does an exemplary job of not only describing the wines but making the entire event fun!
He took us and our guests (8 in all) down into the cellar room and we all learned more about wine making. Fantastic!
The wines are outstanding and the hit of the day was Folin's self described "gateway wine" Passive Aggressive, which is an inexpensive, very approachable wine.  Tasting notes soon!



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