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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Three Wineries in a four hours, our quick trip through the Applegate

Three Wineries in a four hours, our quick trip through the Applegate


The Oregon Wine Geeks made a sojourn out through the Applegate this Saturday.  We started off by having some really good Sushi in Jacksonville at Umiís.  The sushi was wonderful and went great with a bottle of Sapporo beer. If youíre looking for something different in Jville this is a good place to try.

Our stops for the day were Schmidt Family Vineyards, Rosellaís Vineyard and Plaisance Ranch on the other side of the river.  Iím going to go through these in the reverse order that we visited them because we spent the most time at our last stop at Plaisance Ranch.  The scores on the wines are just ranges, a base starting number for a score if we were doing a full tasting.

Plaisance Ranch

This was our first visit to Plaisance Ranch which is on the south side of the river on the road to Williams.  Joe and Suzi Ginet are the owners and have a nice little tasting room.  They produce both wine and beef at the ranch and though I havenít had the beef Iíve always thought they made excellent wines.  We not only tasted all their current releases but Joe took us and the rest of the folks that were in the tasting room into the barrel room for a barrel tasting of the 2011 reds.  What I can say about the 2011 is Wow, the Pinot is going to be very special and really good.  The Petite Sirah will blow your socks off when itís done, the Cab Franc and Merlot will develop into winners as well.  The current releases include:

2011 Ginet Rose 87+
Ranch White, a non-vintage wine but Joe said it was all 2011, 89+
2011 Viognier 89+
2010 Merlot 90+
2010 Cabernet Franc 92+
2009 Syrah 90+

We really enjoyed our visit and itís worth the trip to the other side of the river.  We also love Joeís pricing structure $20 for Whites, $25 for reds.  I like how they keep it simple, we came back with both.

Rosellaís Vineyard

Our stop Rosellaís was really just to say hi to Rex Garoutte the owner and to pick up some of his sherry, red wine blend and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The 2009 Cabernet is really going be good after it gets some more bottle time.  Weíve already had a bottle of it and picked up another yesterday.  The actual release will happen very soon and then weíll give it a full review then.  At its current stage it is 92+ and will continue to get better in the bottle.  Iíd recommend you hold it for at least 6 months to a year before it really shows but if youíre like us it will probably go sooner.  We also had a taste of Rexís red blends both are excellent and recommended at 88+.

Schmidt Family Vineyards

Schmidt Family Vineyards is always a nice stop to make in the Applegate.  They have a lovely facility for tasting and having a bite to eat.  We stopped today to really taste their World of Wine best of show wines.  We did get a chance to taste the 2009 Tempranillo but they were not serving the Viognier which also won.  I have to say we were not particularly taken with their other whites but the reds were a different matter, below are their scores:

2008 Tempranillo 87+ This wine is still very tannic and can age another 3 to 5 years and then will peak, it could get to 90
2009 Tempranillo 90+ This was best of show at WOW this year, it will also improve over the next 5 years
2008 Syrah 87+
2009 Zinfandel Port 89+
2008 Soule red Blend was unavailable for tasting.

It was a really nice afternoon tasting wine and we got back in town before the Duck game so all was right in the world.  But as the picture below shows we have a lot of tastings and wine reviews to do

Posted By: Ted Weldon & Tim Morton @ 1:28:33 PM


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