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Monday, September 05, 2011

Folin Cellars Ambassador Club Blending Day

On Saturday the Oregon Wine Geeks and the Oregon wine goddess (that would be Sandi) got a chance to be wine makers for a day as part of the Ambassador Club Day event that Folin Cellars holds for its wine club members. The event was held at Folin Cellars in the Rogue Valley on the winery crush pad with wine and blending equipment for wine club members and guests to experiment with wine blending. We were to take four different varietals: Syrah, Tempranillo , Mouvedre, and Petite Syrah and create a blend.

We were given all the equipment we would need to blend these varietals in any manner we chose, but needed to keep strict track of the percentages of what went into our blend. The blends were then submitted to Rob Folin to choose the next Ambassador's Cuvee. We needed to make sure and create 40ml of our blends and Rob promised to tease anyone who couldn't add or calculate percentages. This seemingly simple task was very interesting and thought provoking: different amounts of these wines provided an amazing array of different effects. This was no simple task! This proved to be quite an education in just one of the many facets of making wine.

Posted By: Tim Morton @ 8:31:31 PM


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